Vegan Superfoods for a Healthy Lifestyle

Your body deserves the best – vegan superfoods for a healthy lifestyle


Vegan superfoods are an obligation for everybody who takes care of his body. Besides the easy handling, they are full of powerful substances. However, it is necessary to find out which individual needs you pursue. There are many different ways to use the vegan superfoods. Here are really no creative boundaries! So, let’s see which vegan superfoods are good for and how to consume them!

What does vegan mean?

First of all, what does vegan really mean? Even if it’s an actual and increasingly hype, not everybody knows. Here we’ll give you a short overview what vegan truly means. Being vegan is not only a short term diet – it’s a way of living. The word “vegan” itself involves anything that’s free of animal-derived products. Vegans aim to optimize their health by using natural materials. That’s a common property with superfoods.

The trendy superfoods being on the rise

Fresh healthy salad with kale, almond, cranberry and quinoa topped with fried egg

A fresh healthy salad with kale, almond, cranberry and quinoa.

The so called superfoods in general are natural foods with lots of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In case of their high nutrient density they have an impact on your health. Besides well-known superfoods like spinach, cranberries or chia seeds, there are also unfamiliar ones like chlorella and lúcuma and so much more. The list of superfoods and recipes seems endlessly and there are no limits to creativity. Superfoods are often used to get fit or detoxify the body. Whether taken in the form of delicious smoothies, little snacks or simply by itself.

The healthy facts of vegan superfoods

If you add the facts above, you know, superfoods are vegan as well. In fact of its natural components vegan superfoods are super healthy and absolutely free from animal ingredients. All superfoods are not alike and of various compositions. The fact is, vegans enjoy a lot of health benefits. The plant foods promote the health, well-being and performance.

Top 10 famous vegan superfoods

  • Superfood chia seeds

    The Superfood Chia Seeds are can be prepared in Smoothies easily.

    Chia seeds: high protein, contains all 8 essential amino acids

  • Pulses: for example peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils
  • Goji Berry: good source of minerals and vitamins
  • Oats: the “all-rounder” for a strong immune system
  • Cocoa: rich at nutrients and antioxidants
  • Wheatgrass: high on vitamins and magnesium
  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, peanuts (high protein)
  • Avocado: valuable unsaturated fats
  • Ginger: gingerol as an anti-inflammatory and soothingly substance
  • Matcha: high antioxidant and caffeine content


The vegan superfoods of AINOHA®

Any of our superfoods are vegan of course and also gluten-free. They include no artificial ingredients and are 100% organic. Beside these essential facts, the vegan superfoods convince with an intense taste with no artificial flavourings. All ingredients are customized to your own individual needs. AINOHA® Superfoods can be your start into a healthy living, without being a food or fitness blogger right away. The vegan superfoods are easy to handle and quick to prepare – no more excuses!


You can choose between our 4 different vegan superfood mixes:

  • Body Shaping: Full of fibre, healthy fatty acids and antioxidants; perfect for lose weight and get fit.
  • Relaxing Beauty: The perfect mix against skin aging with lots of vitamins.

In summary, the vegan superfoods are not just a good way of living for vegans. The positive side effect of non-animal origin is also a benefit for a health-conscious nutrition. With the regular use of AINOHA® Superfoods, you’ll get fitter and improve your well-being and therewith your quality of life. So what are you waiting for? Try it!

AINOHA relaxing beauty mix healthy superfoods combination
Ainoha refreshing detox superfood mix
AINOHA energizing matcha healthy superfood mix with bananas
healthy superfood bowl with AINOHA superfood Mix

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