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Introducing you to our tasty superfood recipes

Healthy eating and Superfoods are some lately most words on every lip now. But the healthy leaving lifestyle rather becomes farfetched. Ingredients for the recipes are usually scarce or expensive. In effect, superfoods that should enhance healthy living rather become timing consuming preparing it. There are many superfoods recipes on the market which are usually very complicated to understand. Since the hallmark of AINOHA® is to make healthy living a lifestyle and accessible everyone, we believe that the recipes would come in handy especially since they are quick and easy to prepare. Good things take time, which is a more reason we have invested good energy and resources to create our savoury recipes to enable you pursue a healthier lifestyle with ease. For our superfoods to be super in every sense of the word, we introduce you our carefully made but simple AINOHA® superfoods recipes.

What you can expect from our superfood recipes

One thing remains our standpoint, to make healthy living simpler and easier for everyone rather than being difficult. We have not lost sight of the stress you go through on a daily basis; lots of energy draining  much energy on the go and time consuming activities, that you rarely have time to go through the internet to search for superfoods recipes, go shopping for the ingredients and then prepare the recipes. These processes look rather stressful given the workload. We all love to be on the move with quick and easy recipes that makes it easy to enjoy salads and smoothies recipes in our every life while enjoying the positive feeling of salads and smoothies. No worries about the stress anymore! We have had the stress in thoughts and made life with superfoods and healthy living very simple and easy. The icing on the cake is that all ingredients needed for the recipes are less expensive and easily found on the markets. You will now be walked through our fast and simple recipes. Save time, save money with AINOHA® Superfoods Mixes.

What ingredients are to be used with superfood recipes?

healthy superfood bowl with AINOHA superfood Mix


In order to achieve a full and a maximum benefit of the nutrients level of AINOHA® superfoods; rich in dietary fibre, iron, vitamins natural minerals and others, we highly recommend using it with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, healthy herbs and spices could also add to taste. The sources of ingredients to be used with the recipes should be carefully considered; we therefore recommend most appropriately bio markets. This is because foods found on non-bio markets usually contain chemicals such as anti-pesticides and ripening agents which in effect have reduce the level of nutrients in the foods. We have carefully chosen our ingredients to create a unique composition of nutrients

Are there any dietary concerns with regards to our superfood recipes?

There is absolutely nothing to worry about with our AINOHA® superfoods recipes. In actual fact: just strike and try on! However, you should of course be more attentive if you have food allergies or some unusual food complications. For instance most of our products contain nuts.  However, all ingredients and nutritional information is made available for your safety on our products. Vegans got served; there are lots of vegan Superfoods recipes. And so one important thing to pay more attention to is your choices! For instance, should you have some reactions to avocado; you might not have to try superfoods recipes with avocado. Tasty but healthy recipes are hard to come by. But look no further….our recipes will leave you motivated, keep you healthier, all the while leaving you wanting for more.

And so enough is said already! Get your apron and get busy!

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