Stay Healthy with Superfoods!

Stay healthy with superfoods!

Living healthy has been the order of the day and no doubts to say it’s now become a big deal in the 21st century. It’s gotten a massive attention probably of some reasons as; being tired of feeding the body wrongly ending up giving it lots of sicknesses, hating to build on excess fat and the desire to keep the body in shape and many more. And so will people go the extra mile to invest a lot in superfoods in pursuit of healthy lifestyle. Well, truth is if it must be done then it must be done well. Choosing the right superfood with the right ingredients should worth the investment of staying healthy. It is imperative that care is taken consciously of the kinds of superfoods to use so as not to compromise your health.

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AINOHA energizing matcha healthy superfood mix with bananas
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What exactly is “Superfoods”?

chia seeds are healthy superfoods

Stay classy: chia seeds are true superfoods.

Should Superfoods have been gold, the world would have been scrambling for it but in an actual fact it is gold in disguise. They are foods that are well balanced with essential nutrients such dietary fibre, iron, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals to mention but a few that is needed in the body to help build it right and also keep the immune system strong. They could replace our everyday normal food while still keeping energy the body needs right. People do the healthy superfoods for various reasons; some do superfoods to help make healthy living a lifestyle, for reducing weight sakes among others because the dietary fibre in it helps make the weight loss process very easy by way of blocking appetite with no complications and no ill health problems aftermath.

How healthy should “superfoods” be?

Using Superfoods should be healthy so as not to comprise your health rather for health problems. A healthy superfood should be well balanced with the necessary nutrients, low in cholesterol content to keep the digestive system healthy such nutrients as dietary fibre, irons, vitamins and natural minerals from plants. As much as dietary fibre foods are healthy, intake can be individualised based one’s nutritional assessment and the outcome desired. However it is recommended that the intake should be moderate up to 30g daily because of it possibility of lowering cholesterol in the body.

Why do healthy superfoods?

yoga in combination with healthy sueprfoods supports a good lifestyle

Healthy superfoods support a good lifestyle.

Superfoods help protect the body against sicknesses. The adequate dietary fibre is important for increasing gastrointestinal, cardiovascular health, glycaemic control, cancers constipation of course weight management. They also help to slow digestion assisting the body to absorb all the vital nutrients helping to relaxing skin muscles and making it much more beautiful. It aids in lowering the cholesterol in the body which in turn reduce the risk of diabetes. There could nothing dangerous than putting your health to risk. There is every reason to make healthy living lifestyle a healthy one using the right superfood.

Healthy superfoods with AINOHA®

The AINOHA® Superfoods: AINOHA® Superfoods has the Refreshing Detox, Body Shaping, Energizing Matcha, and Relaxing Beauty Superfoods which have been carefully made the right ingredients which have the right essential nutrients such Chia seeds, blueberries, rice protein, lemons grass and lots of others ingredients that help build the body health. For instance, Chia-Seeds are known for its high amount of plant protein, low in fat and most importantly contain omega 3. For a well-balanced content of the right nutrients for a healthy lifestyle, you cannot go wrong with AINOHA® Superfoods.

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