The sharp, fruity blend of high-grade mint and eucalyptus extracts creates fresh breath and a clear head!
  • 100% organically sourced aromas, made in Germany
  • Free of nicotine and other harmful substances, no propylene glycol
  • just inhale and enjoy aromatherapeutic vapour 
Flavour: Mint & Eucalyptus    Colour: green
Content: 300-400 puffs

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Aromatherapeutic Effect:

Ainoha Stik Mint

The refreshing aroma of the mint vitalises the body and senses and acts soothing. Obviously, the pleasant smell of one’s breath after using AINOHA® is also a great side effect.  The diluted oils from the mint can if applied externally be cooling and relieve pain.

What’s the special thing about our AINOHA® Stiks?

With our AINOHA® Stik you can quit your bad habits and enjoy organic flavour instead. When taking a gentle puff of your AINOHA®, our 100% organically won AINOHA® flavorwaters are gently dispersed and will fill you with a pleasant feeling instantly!

In order to provide you with the best quality and intense taste, we combine only organic herb and fruit essences with distilled water in our AINOHA® flavorwaters.

The AINOHA® Stik is completely free of nicotine or harmful substances. We don’t use any artificial flavours or chemicals in our flavorwaters.

Our focus is perfect design and an easy usage. That’s why you can use your AINOHA® Stik right after unpacking and bring it anywhere you want.

Our ingredients, the AINOHA® flavorwaters, are thoroughly produced in our laboratories in Germany. The Stik is made of 100% stainless steel and is recyclable.

The AINOHA® flavorwaters standard:

  • 100% organic ingredients made in Germany, certified
  • inhalable essential oils, produced via steam distillation
  • ingredients of pharmaceutical purity, no waste material
  • no chemicals, no artificial flavorings, no filler substances or additives
  • no nicotine, no propylene glycol, no diacetyl, no formaldehyde

How does it work?

  • The AINOHA® Stik is powered by a CE and UL certified, recyclable lithium battery
  • While inhaling, the AINOHA® flavorwaters are heated up to an ideal temperature in order to guarantee a gentle vaporization


You are safe with us. We only use substances of which we know for certain that they won’t have any negative effects on your health! We exclusively use 100% organic ingredients for our aromatherapeutic blends all of which have been sourced in Germany. All ingredients are thoroughly checked for their harmlessness in Germany and are only used for AINOHA® if no negative impact of any sort can be found in the human body. Furthermore, traditional e-cigarettes, e-shishas, and vaporizers use the controversial chemical propylene glycol for vaporization. Since its effect on the human respiratory tract when inhaling it has not been extensively researched, we found an innovative and different way to produce the steam through purely plant-based substances. Therefore, AINOHAs® are 100% non-toxic. No propylene glycol, no diacetyl, no nicotine, and no chemicals. Simply and only 100% natural ingredients that have been reviewed and certified in Germany.

On average an AINOHA® provides 350-400 breaths, this is the equivalent of roughly two packets of cigarettes. However, the number of breaths is heavily dependent on the person’s individual ability to inhale. Furthermore, you can also not use your AINOHA® for some time and it will still function smoothly afterward as the battery is extremely powerful.

AINOHA is an organic essential oil diffusor. According to the EU directive an e-cigarette “is a product which is used for the intake of nicotine-containing vapor with the help of a mouthpiece”. However, in our products, you will never find substances like nicotine, tar or other harmful substances.

AINOHA® is easy to use: Simply take it out of its packaging and breath organic air. In contrast to conventional e-cigarettes or e-shishas you don’t have to press any buttons, charge its battery or refill liquids. Furthermore, we are the only company that uses aromatherapy blends which are free of nicotine, sourced out of purely plant-based ingredients, without adding propylene glycol and exclusively produced in Germany. Also, many vaporizer liquids contain butter aroma diacetyl which has been found to cause the so-called “popcorn lung”. Sounds tasty but is, in fact, painful and incurable. Therefore, we subject our liquids to very strict lab testing and we work solely with components that have been awarded pharmaceutical purity and quality. Unfortunately, numerous liquids that have been produced in China do not fulfill these requirements. However let’s not forget something: AINOHA® is just pretty, modern and really tasty.

Additional information

1,4ml – 300-400 Puffs


20 % Organic, essential oils, 20 % pure distilled water, 60 % Soy-based vegetable glyerin

Reviews (19)


  1. Tini (verified owner)

    Erfrischend, kühl und toller Geschmack!

  2. Jasmin (verified owner)

    Sehr erfrischend und geschmacksintensiv!

  3. Martina (verified owner)

    Ainoha “grün”
    Der “Geschmack” ist klasse … sehr erfrischend und minzig … gefällt mir

  4. Anke (verified owner)

    Schmeckt angenehm nach Minze

  5. Mina (verified owner)

    Ich bin total begeistert und habe mir gleich noch einen bestellt. Er ist der beste. Geschmacklich sowie farblich 🙂 ich habe ihn rumgezeigt und alle waren mega begeistert.mein Favorit

  6. Mina (verified owner)

    Hammer und Stylisch
    Ich habe ihn mir schon das zweite mal geholt und er ist überall sehr beliebt. Richtig schön erfrischend, wohltuend, entspannt und schmeckt. Und man riecht danach so schön frisch. 🙂

  7. Josipa (verified owner)

    Toller Geschmack, sehr intensiv

  8. Jürgen Rath (verified owner)

    der beste von allen
    hier gebe ich 20 Punkte
    der beste von allen

  9. Sabine (verified owner)

    Gefällt mir sehr gut. …toller Geschmack, gute alternative. War anfangs skeptisch. ..würde jederzeit wieder bestellen.

  10. Christian (verified owner)

    Einfach TOP
    Sehr erfrischend wie , als wenn man frische Minze kaut , man riecht dananach auch fresh !!

  11. Grisnoop (verified owner)

    War total in Ordnung. Nur leider hält sie nicht so lange

  12. Alexander (verified owner)

    Perfekt für Heimarbeit
    Der Geschmack ist ne Mischung aus Relax und Refresh. Auch Super. Ging bei mir ziemlich schnell alle:)

  13. Sascha (verified owner)

    Für mich der Beste aus dem Sortiment!!!

  14. Anja Schwab (verified owner)

    Sehr gut
    Sehr frisch und minzig. Kann man nur weiter empfehlen

  15. Steven (verified owner)

    schöner Menthol-Geschmack
    Schönes Produkt, schmeckt sehr mild und hat ein feines Menthol-Aroma, ohne im Hals zu kratzen und zu beißen.

  16. Tanja Gottschalk (verified owner)

    Bin begeistert!!!
    Bester Geschmack überhaupt! Diese etwas dezenter – dann wär sie perfekt

  17. Petra (verified owner)

    Ein frischer minziger Geschmack. Bestell ich mir wieder..!!

  18. Tamara (verified owner)

    Ansich sehr guter Geschmack, für mich könnte er jedoch ein wenig intensiver sein.

  19. Kathrin (verified owner)

    Super!!!!Kann ich jedem empfehlen!!!

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