Fitness Values- #AINOHA®Fitness Challenge

The new is started in full swing and we are all back to reality from the festive occasion, making already everyday count with our various New Year resolutions. This is the time where everybody makes the opportunity to take a challenge to make it right and of course our health issue seems to be the first on the list; a challenge to eat right, to lose weight and list keeps going. It’s all about the values of our health, our life. Here are some big values worth knowing to be making with the #AINOHA®fittnessChallenge with AINOHA® products be it the Stik or the superfoods mixes. 

The Story – #Fitnessvalues

Rabby is a very good friend of Jabie, she constantly complained misplacing her pen almost every day. Her careless attitudes started getting back to her; she was worried and then decides to use the very cheap pens so that she will not be bothered losing her pens. Jabie as much as concerned as a friend suggests to her, to buy the very expensive pen she could afford and probably see what will happens. She did that and buys a 22 carat gold cross pen. Interestingly after six months Jabie finds out from Rabby about the pen and if she continues to misplace them, she tells, that she has been very careful to keeping her expensive pen this time round and that her careless attitude is changed, totally. The value of the pen is made a difference and there was nothing wrong with her as a person.

Fitness values – #AINOHA®fitnessChallenge

Health values

Time for good values to save our health

If you value your health, keep it safe away from tobacco nicotine, it is just not that there is something wrong with your personality and finding it difficult to quit smoking. it is maybe you have not seen eyes with Carefulness yet, AINOHA® Stik. Get the varieties of AINOHA® stiks as the gold carat for as a challenge to keeping your health healthy. That is value!

Whatever may be valuable to you to seeing reasons to quit smoking, you are three better to quitting with AINOHA® stik, whilst you quit, you are on a faithful road to quit smoking.


Fitness Challenge value #1 – Life

You will be doing your health life more good than harm. Reduced risks of heart diseases, lung cancers, bad breath problems, stroke and bad skin Problems (learn more about the true benefits of qitting Smoking). The value of  good health and life is definitely not in the length of days, of course life they say is short and you are not important because of how long you live but you are important because of how effective you live it. You then would have to make quitting effective with AINOHA® stik.

Health Challenge value  #2 – Money

Health values

Save money_Health values

If you probably might have not seen, you definitely have heard how quitting tobacco nicotine addiction improves your health life. But definitely might have never wondered how much money you save if you quitted. It really doesn’t matter how insignificant you think you spend on cigarettes, it is still significant. Little drops of water make a might ocean. Just imagine, if could smoke a pack a day, that means €2,190  a year. As insignificant as it seemed in the year, this is what carefulness will tell you and you could at least turn that money into working for you in an investment brokerage whilst making price worth with AINOHA® Stik.  This will even mean, making more money

Fitness Challenge value #3 – You save life and health insurance rate

Smoking causes lots of the major deadly diseases and has high mortality rate, the state and the insurance companies see this and a major risk and that use that as yardstick of passing these risks on insurance rates by increasing them. It is therefore believed that insurance rates of smokers are relatively higher than that of non-smokers.

Fitness Challenge value # 4 – You save time; Time is money

Fitness value

Time is money

Obviously, you save time. Averagely, it might take about 5-8 minutes to smoke a cigarette. You can imagine how much time is spent away if a smoker will have to smoke a pack a day. Make every minute counts. Stick with AINOHA® stik, where you could use it anywhere anytime whilst even working on something. That way you don’t have to leave whatever you are doing to smoke. 

Fitness Challenge with AINOHA® superfoods

#1 Daily Exercises

Health values - 'fitnesschallenge

A fit girl on her morning run

Take few minutes every morning, to run, or do few minutes stretching to work out yours abs and cardio.  And make a good of your smoothie with AINOHA® superfoods mixes for a real relaxing mind, body and soul. Get to it is also really powerful in the morning to keep the day started on a good note keeping body very fresh on the go and alert. If probably if the morning is not so much a time for you, you make it the evening.

# 2 Eat Healthy

Fitness values _Eating healthy

Eating healthy makes a healthy life

For 101 reasons, it probably have been difficulty with the weight lose,  don’t stress so much. Just one step at a time and you will be fine. Reduce your sugar and sweets intake.  You still could make some delicious and healthy meals on the go  such as healthy salads, chia seeds soups, adding a spoonful of AINOHA® superfoods mixes. Which can help diirect your calories intake and reducing cholesterol level, the superfoods because of its dietary fiber content especially the Energizing Matcha, helps block appetite, preventing the feeling of hunger that is not called for.

# 3 Drink more water

Drinking more water is healthy.

We could probably live longer without food but not water. Our body is composed of 60% water and before you come to the conciousness of feeling thirsty, your body would have already de-hydrated so if you do not make that concious effort of drinking in between tthirst hunger, your body gets more de-hydrated and you will depriving the body of it performance. You reduce the risks of diseases such as cancers by flushing out wastes and some bacteria, you reduce headaches, and lose weight as well as make the skin glow when you drink more water.

# 4 Sleep well 

health values - fitness challenge

sleep relaxes the body for it to function healthily

It is probably the best and healthy lifestyle. The body after the days activities, needs to be stretched and relaxed. It doesn’t only make you feel refreshed reducing stress, it makes your mind relaxed nad very productive.  Sleep early and natural without any  sleep cocktails tabs.  Stay away from social media and your phone entirely. Make sure to reduce the temperature in the room with the light dim if not completely switched off.


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