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Why is VitaStik now called AINOHA®?

I am new, I am better

Why is VitaStik now called AINOHA®?

Already the famous German poet J.W.v. Goethe knew: “It’s necessary to change and renew yourself continually in order to not get stuck.” And this is exactly what we did. Our start with VitaStik was exceptional – thanks to all of you. Now we decided to take the new step: Creating a place, where sense of life and health are united. 

But first things first. How VitaStik became AINOHA®.

We founded VitaStik with the vision to make cool, stylish and especially harmless indulgence possible. And this is exactly what we still embody. We intensely concentrated on our product to find out what we can improve and how we can progress. Besides that we have the vision to build a comprehensive health and lifestyle brand. Healthy products, which are easy to use. Since VitaStik is always connected to the one product we had the idea to combine sense of life and vitality within a new name. We are more than happy to present you this new level of product quality and emotion with AINOHA® 

Your new health- and lifestyle brand AINOHA®

Ainoha beachAINOHA® is your new health- and lifestyle brand, enabling you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle without regrets or having to relinquish something. With our new AINOHA® Stik we would like to present you the new version of VitaStik: Together with our laboratories in Germany, we have developed our new, completely organic AINOHA® flavorwaters. All ingredients are bio-certified and naturally extracted, combined with carefully selected essential oils leading to important aromatherapeutic effects. We are the first company in our sector to be able to work without any chemical additives like propylene glycol, artificial flavours and other harmful substances. And still – the taste is more intense and more natural than ever! Have a look and find out more about our Science Information!

 And that’s not even all.

Introducing: AINOHA® Superfoods.

Following our mission to make your lives more simple, more vital and more beautiful we created four different Superfood powder mixes for your daily dose of everything your body needs. Important nutrients like minerals, antioxidants and vitamins are concentrated to their essence in our powerful mixes.

We present:

Your new detox-secret

AINOHA Superfood Refreshing Detox Mix

Berries for the Beauty

Coco Love & Schoko

Clean Koffein & Green Protein

What does AINOHA® mean for you?

For all of you, nothing changes and at the same time a lot does. The new name is obvious, the ingredients not on first sight but trust us – you will taste the difference. Welcome to Aromatherapy to go!

We are more than happy to start this new chapter of healthiness and lifestyle with you!


The AINOHA® Team

Any questions regarding our rebranding? Just contact us via [email protected]

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