The harmonious blend of cherries and mint create the perfect balance between fruity and refreshing. Delight in a cool and aromatic taste with Grace!
  • 100% organically sourced aromas, made in Germany
  • Free of nicotine and other harmful substances, no propylene glycol
  • just inhale and enjoy aromatherapeutic vapour 
Flavour: Cherry & Mint    Colour: gold
Content: 300-400 puffs

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Aromatherapeutic Effect:

Ainoha Stik Grace

Let the ruby colored cherry extracts fused with the flavor of vitalising mint touch your soul. The refreshing and balanced interplay of sweet and sour is able to fill you with a gracious and proud feeling.

What’s the special thing about our AINOHA® Stiks?

With our AINOHA® Stik you can quit your bad habits and enjoy organic flavour instead. When taking a gentle puff of your AINOHA®, our 100% organically won AINOHA® flavorwaters are gently dispersed and will fill you with a pleasant feeling instantly!

In order to provide you with the best quality and intense taste, we combine only organic herb and fruit essences with distilled water in our AINOHA® flavorwaters.

The AINOHA® Stik is completely free of nicotine or harmful substances. We don’t use any artificial flavours or chemicals in our flavorwaters.

Our focus is perfect design and an easy usage. That’s why you can use your AINOHA® Stik right after unpacking and bring it anywhere you want.

Our ingredients, the AINOHA® flavorwaters, are thoroughly produced in our laboratories in Germany. The Stik is made of 100% stainless steel and is recyclable.

The AINOHA® flavorwaters standard:

  • 100% organic ingredients made in Germany, certified
  • inhalable essential oils, produced via steam distillation
  • ingredients of pharmaceutical purity, no waste material
  • no chemicals, no artificial flavorings, no filler substances or additives
  • no nicotine, no propylene glycol, no diacetyl, no formaldehyde

How does it work?

  • The AINOHA® Stik is powered by a CE and UL certified, recyclable lithium battery
  • While inhaling, the AINOHA® flavorwaters are heated up to an ideal temperature in order to guarantee a gentle vaporization


AINOHA® is a portable aromatherapy diffuser which transforms our 100% organic blends made out of essential oils, pure distilled water and soy-based vegetable glycerin into therapeutic organic air. The AINOHA® Stils do not contain any of the substances that are usually used in different devices, i.e. nicotine, artificial flavorings or chemical vaporization components (e.g. propylene glycol).

On average an AINOHA® provides 350-400 breaths. However, the number of breaths is heavily dependent on the person’s individual ability to inhale. Furthermore, you can also not use your AINOHA® for some time and it will still function smoothly afterward as the battery is extremely powerful.

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20 % Organic, essential oils, 20 % pure distilled water, 60 % Soy-based vegetable glyerin

Reviews (27)


  1. Tim (verified owner)

    Sehr geil, echt gut vom Geschmack her, werde ich mir wieder holen

  2. Anja Schwab (verified owner)

    Geschmack von Kirsche mit Mine ist sehr lecker. Könnte etwas kräftiger sein.

  3. Antje und Marco (verified owner)

    Einfach genial und lecker!
    Die Stick sehen nicht nur schick aus, sie schmecken auch sehr angenehm. Nur sind sie leider schnell aufgebraucht.

  4. Walter Angela (verified owner)

    Also ich muß sagen hab mir erst den dreier packen gekauft und dann noch den Fünfer pack und ich muss sagen die Grace ist unser Favorit. Sehr erfrischend und angenehm gut. Wenn der Preis gleich bleibt werde ich Stammkunde

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    Sehr Gut

  6. Vidar (verified owner)

    Wirklich ein super Produkt
    Ich bin begeistert

  7. ManolyaJanine (verified owner)

    Gold, schwarz & weiß
    Sehr lecker und praktisch, aber finde das sie bisschen länger halten könnten

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