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Honesty and transparency are two values we truly stand by. We want to give you the opportunity to learn about the ingredients we use in our products so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body. We only use carefully chosen, purely organic ingredients for processing in order to provide you with the best results for your health, well-being and enjoyment.

Florida orange: Every child knows that oranges are real vitamin C-bombs. But they also have so much more capabilities aside from that. Apart from valuable potassium for the heart and calcium for the bones, they also contain vitamin B which is a natural mood enhancer. They are also full of polyphenols (secondary  plant substances) which are antioxidative and have anti-inflammatory properties! In aromatherapy the fresh and delicious smell of our AINOHA flavorwaters® Energize creates a positive atmosphere and vitalizes you with every breath you take!


AINOHA Superfood, die Wirkung der Chia Samen

Die Wirkung der Chia Samen ist vielseitig.

Chia seeds: Everyone loves them – and with good reason. Chia seeds are extremely rich in antioxidants, proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, the really special thing about them is their astonishingly high content of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for the body’s survival (over 18g per 100g). The contained proteins help with muscle and connective tissue development, and the fiber makes you feel full for longer. These chia seeds are a true power package!


Barley grass: Barley grass powder is the ideal companion for a healthy acid-base balance. It is very basic and therefore helps counteract over-acidification of the body in day to day life. Further, it is very good for connective tissue and provides vitality for the skin through its numerous antioxidants.


AINOHA Superfood spirulina detox

Spirulina algae: Spirulina algae are real power plants! They consist out of 60% easily digestible plant protein and contain a very high concentration of ß-carotene, vitamin B12, iron and trace elements. Moreover, they provide important amino acids, cleansing chlorophyll and various nutrients which we are hardly able to take up through normal processed foods.


Neem: Neem is what the leaves of the neem tree are called and which are one of the most important medical herbs in Ayurveda medicine. This tree is a real all-rounder and helps against various diseases!


Blackcurrant: Blackcurrant is the special superfood among the family of currants. In comparison to its lighter relatives they contain nearly twice as much fiber, about three times as much vitamin C and four times as much vitamin A. The fruity berry flavor of AINOHA flavorwaters® Relax invites you to relax immediately and helps you to swiftly forget the rush of daily life.


Ainoha Stik Gojiberry

Goji berries: For over 6000 years they have been utilized and known in Chinese Medicine, especially for their surprisingly high concentration of minerals and vitamins. They are really good for one’s eyesight and due to their antioxidant effect also for the whole body. Moreover, they strengthen the immune system and give rise to a balanced gut flora. Goji berries are also excellent for detoxification of the body. It has also been suggested that they have some protective properties against cancer. The smell of our AINOHA flavorwaters® Aura inspires through its sweetness your senses and lets you start the day filled with happiness!


Pea protein: Pea proteins offer an important combination of essential and non-essential amino acids. Among other things, they are involved in healthy muscle development, provide beautiful skin and hair, and act as a support for the immune system. Further, pea protein is a very important source of iron! Already one portion covers roughly 30% of the daily intake for women.


Hemp protein: Hemp protein is a true superfood. It contains a unique nutrient composition: Omega fats, minerals, fiber, and vitamins can all be found. Furthermore, it is gluten- and lactose-free, and thus really easily digestible. Hemp protein powder is, therefore, a really important part of a balanced diet!


Chlorella algae: Chlorella algae might be tiny but they are very impressive. They contain chlorophyll which through its basic effects encourage a stable acid-basic balance. Furthermore, their antioxidative abilities protect the body against inflammatory processes and the formation of cancer cells. Moreover, the mini-algae are believed to help with blood purification, activate the metabolism and improve cellular respiration.



Blueberries: There is a reason why blueberries are blue – because it is exactly that natural coloring agent that has a positive effect on the heart and vessels. The so-called myrtillin binds free radicals which are thought to cause early skin aging and chronic diseases. Furthermore, blueberries improve brain function! Moreover, even just the smell of blueberries in our AINOHA flavorwaters® Relax can make you happy and give you the kick you need to have a great day!


Lemon myrtle: Lemon myrtle is characterized by its distinctive lemon flavor. It has an antibacterial and antiviral effect as well as being calming and soothing.


Coconut flakes: Coconut is a true miracle worker when it comes to weight loss. The high amount of medium-chained fatty acids increase the energy consumption of the body and thus stimulate the burning of fat cells. When you breathe in the sweet scent of coconut through your AINOHA flavorwaters® Pulse you instantly think of your next holiday and you already feel relaxed!


Carob: Carob relates to the roasted and finely grounded fruit pulp of carob fruits which grow on the carob tree. The powder is low in sodium and fat, but rich in fiber. Although they are low in calories the powder is able to provide a lot of energy fast through their naturally contained sugars. Additionally, ß-carotene, iron and calcium aid with the nutrient supply.


Mango with section on a white background

Mango: Mangos are also known as “queen of the fruits” which is not simply because of their yellow fruity looks and sweet taste, in fact, they are really amazing fruits. Mangos are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, polyphenols and carotenoids (provitamin A).They improve the immune system, promote weight loss and decrease the visible signs of aging. Give our AINOHA flavorwaters® the chance to steal you away to somewhere tropical and experience a power boost that lasts all day!

Vanilla: Our AINOHA flavorwaters® Calm can easily sweeten your day with its delicious vanilla flavor. Furthermore, its scent is calming, mood-enhancing and gets rid of blockages and tensions!


Flea seeds: Flea seeds help significantly with digestion and assist in important protective mechanisms to ensure a healthy heart and vessels. For example, through flea seeds blood glucose levels are lowered which relieves the pancreas. Furthermore, flea seeds actively counteract a high concentration of blood lipids and high blood pressure.


Nettle: Don’t worry, nettles don’t just burn. In fact, they are quite extraordinary plants. Young nettle sprouts are rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, and silicon), flavonoids and vitamin A and C. And in dry form, the powder also contains a protein proportion of about 30%!


Ainoha Stik Mint

Green mint: Mint and eucalyptus are both extremely refreshing. The strong aromatic scent is also used in aromatherapy and helps against common colds, instantly provides a fresh breath and wakes you up in a natural way. Start your days energized with AINOHA flavorwaters® Grace, Refresh, Lafayette!


eucalyptus branch isolated on a white background

Eucalyptus: The eucalyptus oil we use in our AINOHA flavorwaters® Refresh has also some really desirable effects because through the aromatherapeutic process it can help as an antiviral or antibacterial, aid to loosen mucus, act soothingly and mentally stimulating. It also enhances one’s concentration!

Beautiful strawberries isolated on white

Wild berries: Strawberries can do much more than just taste delicious. They contain even more health-promoting vitamin C than oranges! Moreover, they are full of folic acid and iron, and thus able to give your blood a real boost. The incredible taste and scent of this little red fruit in our AINOHA flavorwaters® Lafayette will certainly seduce the gourmets among you.

Lucuma: Lucuma is a delicious and sweet fruit which grows on lucuma trees in the Andes mountains in South America, in particular, it grows in Peru and is very popular due to its healing properties. It is used as a healthier alternative to sugar and due to its anti-inflammatory effects, it is also used in the treatment of skin wounds. Furthermore, it contains ß-carotene which increases the effectiveness of sunscreen.

Maqui berries: When you are talking about anti-ageing, you should be talking about maqui berries. Due to their richness in antioxidants, they are able to bind free radicals and thus counteract the skin aging process which is caused by oxidative stress. Also, they provide a healthy vitamin supply which helps strengthen the immune system.


Maca root: The miraculous root from South America is known as a natural aphrodisiac, helps to lower cholesterol levels and is good for digestion and the gut flora.


acai berry superfood

Acai berries: Acai berries are ideal to counteract skin aging through natural means. Because due to their high concentration of antioxidants the body can be protected against free radicals. Furthermore, a very high calcium content causes more strength in bones and teeth. Additionally, Vitamin B3 and B1 help with the breakdown of carbohydrates and protein. A delicious and healthy berry that you have to introduce into your life!


Rice protein: The still relatively unknown rice protein offers a virtually perfect amino acid profile. The contained proteins are in particular relevant for muscle development. In addition, rice protein acts as a natural supplier of the rare vitamin E which is only contained in a very small number of superfoods.


Wheatgrass: Wheatgrass is very rich in chlorophyll, contains various enzymes and over 90 minerals as well as trace elements, all amino acids and vitamins which a healthy body needs. In fact, just 100g of wheatgrass amount to the same nutritional value as roughly 2kg of vegetables would provide! Furthermore, it acts cleansing and detoxifying, inhibits inflammation, lowers blood pressure, has an antibacterial effect and acts alkalizing.


Guarana (caffeine): The natural caffeine supplier not only makes you feel more awake but it also increases your concentration and productivity. Guarana also helps against an upset stomach, migraines, and with weight loss as it decreases one’s appetite.


Cacao: Infamous for being a sweet drink cacao is in fact so much more than that. Cacao powder contains valuable minerals such as magnesium and potassium as well as various antioxidants. Moreover, it also contains the so-called “happiness-substances” serotonin and dopamine which have a mood enhancing effect and can help against depression! Furthermore, pure cocoa improves heart function and circulation. It contains flavonoids (secondary plant substances) which increase the elasticity of vessels and therefore, help to lower blood pressure.


Lemongrass: In Asia, its country of origin lemon grass has been hailed for a long time as a spice and medicinal herb. It contains essential oils, bitter substances, citral and mycren which help strengthen the immune system.


Cherry: Cherries are a real miracle. They contain vast amounts of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. Additionally, they have antioxidative effects due to their natural plant colorings. Our AINOHA flavorwaters® Grace refreshes you through its pleasant scent and its cherry flavor!


Ainoha Lafayette

Rose: The aromatherapeutic properties of rose oil have been known for quite some time. And, that is precisely why we use it in our AINOHA flavorwaters® Lafayette. On an emotional level, it can help with depressive moods and sleep problems by having a harmonizing effect.


Matcha (green tea): The light-green powder is known as a pick-me-up and a health promoting super drink which promotes slimming and is also believed to counteract major illnesses when enjoyed regularly. The powder activates the metabolism and thus is able to promote weight loss. Furthermore, it keeps you energized for hours in comparison to coffee that only provides you with swift bursts of energy. The smell of matcha in our AINOHA flavorwaters® as well as in our superfoods awakens your soul and you feel instantly refreshed!