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How to use

1. Remove your AINOHA® from its white protective case.

2. Press your lips to the end opposite of the light.

3. Breathe in through your mouth and inhale it, similar to sipping on a straw.

4. Exhale through your nose.

Questions & Answers


AINOHA® is a portable aromatherapy diffuser which transforms our 100% organic blends made out of essential oils, pure distilled water and soy-based vegetable glycerin into therapeutic organic air. Therefore, the term “vaporizer” would be misleading in this case. The reason being that AINOHAs® do not contain any of the substances that are usually used in most of the conventional vaporizers, i.e. nicotine, artificial flavorings or chemical vaporization components (e.g. propylene glycol).

You are safe with us. We only use substances of which we know for certain that they won’t have any negative effects on your health! We exclusively use 100% organic ingredients for our aromatherapeutic blends all of which have been sourced in Germany. All ingredients are thoroughly checked for their harmlessness in Germany and are only used for AINOHA® if no negative impact of any sort can be found in the human body. Furthermore, we don’t use the controversial chemical propylene glycol for diffusation. Since its effect on the human respiratory tract when inhaling it has not been extensively researched, we found an innovative and different way to produce the steam through purely plant-based substances. Therefore, AINOHAs® are 100% non-toxic. No propylene glycol, no diacetyl, no nicotine, and no chemicals. Simply and only 100% natural ingredients that have been reviewed and certified in Germany.

On average an AINOHA® provides 350-400 breaths. However, the number of breaths is heavily dependent on the person’s individual ability to inhale. Furthermore, you can also not use your AINOHA® for some time and it will still function smoothly afterward as the battery is extremely powerful.

Even though our products do not contain any harmful or addictive substances AINOHA® is a product solely intended for adults and therefore we will verify that none of our buyers is under 18.

We have very high-quality standards for our products. So if you think that your Ainoha has a defect of some sort, please contact us on HERE and we will replace your broken Ainoha quickly and for free.

Of course, you can, HERE is a list of all our merchants. What if there is none anywhere close to you but you actually know a shop that would be ideal for our products? Let’s just say we give great rewards for successful suggestions.

Or you have a store and have the desire to introduce the organic essential oil diffusor to your city? We would absolutely love that! The terms and contact details for our sales team can be found HERE.

Well spotted! VitaStik is AINOHA®. Roughly two years ago we set ourselves the target to create the loveliest and best alternative to smoking. Out of this idea arose the brand VitaStik. Since then a lot has happened and we have learned plenty along the way. All the improvements that came from back then have been combined into the brand AINOHA®: More quality, new name, same taste and the same concept.

Questions & Answers

AINOHA® Superfoods

How you use your AINOHA® Superfoods is up to you. However, we suggest to mix them with your favorite (breakfast) meals rather than stirring them just into a glass of water. Whether a smoothie, yoghurt or even as an add-on to your salad – discover your personal favorite combination. You can also get inspired by our recipes in the AINOHA® Magazine.

In general, the dose depends on the amount of servings you want to prepare. We suggest 1 tbs. per serving, which is enough for one person per day.

No worries, you can’t have an overdose of Superfoods. But in this case, it doesn’t help more to eat more. To achieve an ideal outcome it’s enough to add once or twice a day a tbs of the powder mix to your meal.

Used every day, you will feel first effects after around two weeks depending on your mix. However, we suggest to add the Superfoods to your diet on a long term base to ensure continuous effects. You need help and inspiration for your meals? In our magazine we offer a variety of yummy recipes ideas with our superfoods!

If you use our product as it´s written in the recommended daily intake, your Superfood should last up to 3-4 weeks. Since the nutrients are highly compressed, 1-2 tbs a day are enough. Your body can’t digest more nutrients that’s why more powder won’t have a better effect.

The superfood mixes should be one year durable. The individual eat-by date is written on the flip-side of the packaging.
Questions & Answers

Order & Shipping

Your order has already been dispatched but you have the impression that there are issues with the delivery? Just send us an email to [email protected]. Our customer service is more than happy to help you with your query and together we will definitely find a solution.

If you pay via advanced payment you wire the billing amount directly to our bank account. Once we receive the money, your order is packed and shipped to your home. Please note that the money transfer may last 2 days, depending on your personal bank. You find our payment information here.

We sadly don’t offer purchase on account. You may choose between four different payment methods:

Immediate transfer, Paypal, Credit card or  prepayment.

The carrier is either Hermes, Landmark or DHL – depending on the country you are ordering from. The shipping to package shops or lockboxes is not possible. We kindly advise you to check your tracking link you will be provided once your package leaves our warehouse, since it might happen that the carrier deposits your order at your nearest post office without leaving you a note.

If the status of your parcel tracking doesn’t change for 7 days, please contact us. We will open a lost parcel case with the carrier and resend your order. If you have noticed something unusual in your tracking status, please inform our customer service.

The easiest way to cancel your order is when it hasn’t been shipped yet. In case it has already been shipped, we have to wait until we receive it back. You can either refuse the delivery or send it back to us. Please inform us immediately in case you would like to cancel.

The exchange of your order is only possible when it’s originally packed. We cannot accept the return of any unpacked or used products due to hygienic reasons.