At AINOHA® we have the strictest quality controls on the market. However, in the unlikely event that something is not working properly with your product we will help you as fast as possible and replace your purchase promptly.

These three steps will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

1. Make sure your AINOHA® Stik is faulty.

Usually, you can just take a drag of your freshly unpacked AINOHA® Stik. The LED lights up and flavorful vapor emerges from the mouthpiece. If this is not the case, your AINOHA® is faulty.

2.Send us an email with a video and your order number to [email protected]

The video should show how you unsuccesfully take a drag of your AINOHA. It should show that neither the LED nor the vapor works. (No worries- all videos are deleted the second we have made our decision). The subject line should read: Reclamation: [flavour] [order number]

3. We verify your order and your video

We verify your video within 24 hours and check on the cause of the faulty  AINOHA® Stik. If we have a positive verification we  will immidiately send you a replacement.

Done. Simple, customer friendly and uncomplicated.