The purpose

The purpose of AINOHA® is not to fill your lungs with aromatics, but to have an enjoyable aromatherapy experience with high quality essential oil blends. When we say that AINOHA® releases Aromatherapy to go, we refer to Merriam-Webster’s first definition of Therapeutic: “to produce good effects on your body or mind.”




Welcome to the world of AINOHA®. We at AINOHA® believe, that freedom, enjoyment and health are the most important things in life. What really matters are your best moments which create your most special memories and the special nature of short time-outs.

AINOHA® is your Health & Lifestyle Company. Your source of health and style. That’s why we combine the beauty and the good like never before. With our products you get the best out of your body with a maximum of healthy enjoyment and minimum effort. We celebrate your vital lifestyle, without you having to sacrifice for it.

What can we offer you? At AINOHA®, our goal is to continuously provide you with innovative, simple and healthy products which make your life enjoyable and vital.

AINOHA® flavorwaters. With our essential oil diffusor you have access to our organic flavorwaters. Our diffusor transforms organic essential oils into aroma therapeutic organic air. Our flavorwaters are 100% toxic free aromatherapy inhalable flavors. You can expect 100% organic essential oils which enrich your best moments and help you to enjoy the aroma for the time of your life!

AINOHA® Superfoods. With our Superfoods we want to show you that healthy foods can be fun and enjoyable. Preparations don’t need to be time consuming. With our AINOHA® Superfoods you can choose our practical TO-GO packages which are most easy to use and enrich your daily diet with the best nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants you can find. Easy to use, maximum flavor and health for your lifestyle!

Trust. Our most important principle is trustworthiness. In order for you to enjoy each and every one of our products with a good conscience, we only work with certified components and exclusively use organically and naturally sourced ingredients from Germany. We only use ingredients of high pharmaceutical purity and quality, and we make sure to check these continuously. Furthermore, our hardware is subject to strict quality controls and regulations. Moreover, the evaporation of our carefully chosen organic and natural AINOHA® flavorwaters ingredients is powered by a UL and CE certified battery which is encased in stainless steel.

Vitality. Imagine, you could live healthily without having to abstain from something. And, that is exactly what we are trying to communicate with our products. For us, vitality represents joy for life and pleasure without a guilty conscience. Thus, you can enjoy your AINOHA® flavorwaters free of harmful substances and your AINOHA® Superfoods by simply adding it to your food or drink! Just for you, we combined lifestyle and vitality – and not to forget you can always count on extraordinary design.

Smartness. Nowadays everyone tries to stand out in one way or another. We don’t. We just give you what you really want and always stick to our motto: Keep it simple! Easy to use and a great taste, that is what is important to us. No charging, refilling or pressing of buttons is necessary. No complicated recipes or lengthy preparation. Just unpack and get started. We like to question old and long-standing principles and feel an urge to bring about change. For us “healthy” is not at odds with “coolness” or “lifestyle”!

Innovation. We are constantly on a hunt for you to make the impossible possible. For that purpose, we travel the world to find out, challenge and present to you the newest health and lifestyle trends. Who would have thought that non-toxic indulgence would be possible one day? But with  AINOHA® flavorwaters you get exactly that!Do you have an innovative idea? We welcome any ideas and suggestions. Just contact us on [email protected]!